Top 5 Issues Facing College Students for Fall

5) Eating Out – Eating is social. Countless times, college students are bored on any given night and someone suggests, “Let’s go grab a bite to eat.” What’s the harm, though? According to WikiAnswers (and who can’t trust them), the average restaruant meal is $10 and the average fast food meal is $5. The harm comes when we don’t invest our money to advance an effort and see it fall out the back of our pocket for the sake of boredom or the social scene.

4) Inerrancy – Wayne Grudem defines inerrancy as meaning “Scriptures in their original forms, does not affirm anything contrary to fact.” On the college campus, it’s cool to be critical of the Bible. Do you believe in the Resurrection? “No, I’m more enlightened than that” is a common answer we will receive. So, with so many people (professors included) questioning the biblical account of history, will our mind be made up that the Word is truth?

3) Church – The Church is a local body of believers faithfully submitting to the Word of God and the practices Jesus instituted. The way we view the church will impact the way we manage all  of our time. The fact remains that colleges and universities will have way cooler events, but the church has a way cooler mission – the reconciliation of all things to Christ (cf. Colossians 1:20). We must determine what we believe about the church or its importance will slide to nonexistent amidst the demands of everyday life.

2) Relationships/Sex – Without defining relationships and sex, we will lose perspective in the hodge podge of collegiate parties, drama, and hormones. Lifelong complications, heartache, or regrets may result from not thinking through what Godly relationships look like. Defining parameters around relationships does not imprison your heart or fun, rather gives it the freedom to benefit from relationships and sex in the way God inteded. Here’s another source to help you think through relationships.

1) Truth – Can Truth be known? College campuses question truth more than any other context in Western society. Universities seem to create more confusion than answers abou truth, often times with the various colleges conflicting one another about the nature of truth. The sciences and mathematical schools will demand truth as they send the student to seek out the ‘right’ answer among conflicting data. However, almost all other schools will conflict this pursuit as they question truth saying relativity rules. Different situations demand different truth. You, as a college student, are caught in the crossfire. Coming to an educated defense of truth will create a solid foundation for you to pursue the rest of your education. Here’s another resource for you to think through the issue of truth.

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