Soularium Cards: An Excellent Conversation Starter for Evangelism

Recently a couple of organizational leaders introduced me to Soularium cards. In a planetarium, we would see pictures of the planets; with Soularium cards, however, we use pictures to view into someone’s soul.  From using these cards recently, I’ve noticed that they are an excellent conversation starter for evangelism.  Clearly, if we as Christians are to fulfill the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ, then we must share the gospel with people.  Yet, finding ways to start a conversation with a stranger is often difficult, or at least awkward because we might feel (and look!) like a desperate used-car salesman.  This method, however, allows the other person to do most of the talking; then, once they’re finished answering the questions, I have found they tend to listen to me because I spent time listening to them.   In this YouTube video, notice the ease with which these guys start a conversation with a complete stranger.  My hope in sharing this video is to encourage you to use these cards to start evangelistic conversations.


  1. Another way to get a conversation started is to just wear a shirt with a bible verse on it like John 3:16, or use a travel mug or water bottle with a verse on it. It is just different enough from what is common that someone might ask you about your own faith when they see it on simple things you have. You can get simple items like this at:

  2. I could not agree more with exactly what you said!


  1. […] Soularium Cards: An Excellent Conversation Starter for Evangelism … […]

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