Close Call: God’s sovereignty extends into Space

In Time magazine’s Briefing section on Health and Science under the title Whew! Bullet Dodged was the image and description of a large asteroid with the following summary:

“Earth didn’t get clobbered but asteroid 2005 YU55, seen above during its approach, passed closer than the moon. Had it hit earth, it would have gouged out a 4-mile crater and caused 70-ft tsunamis. Thousands more like it are there.”

It was just a small blurb taking up only a fraction of one page filled with stories  seeming to take for granted the fact that Time magazine wouldn’t have any editors left to write any story if this rogue rock smashed into our planet.

It’s interesting that there are thousands of asteroids, capable of seriously disrupting or destroying life jetting through the universe on a daily basis. It’s intriguing that we can use the exclamation “whew” in the same way as if we just narrowly escaped being beaned by a fastball. And it’s astounding that most people from the erudite astronomer to the mundane pedestrian somehow believe we live in a chaotic, random universe where we “dodge” thousands of catastrophic “bullets” every day.

The vast universe we live in was not only created by the word of God but is maintained by the same power. Everything existent simply ceases to exist apart from the divine will of the almighty.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:29 “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.”

God is not absent as the atheists assert, distant as the deists believe and he’s not the creation as the pantheist’s say. He is separate and distinct from his creation and yet involved in every intricate detail of the work of his hands.

This means he is concerned and active in the lives of small sparrows, rocketing stones the vast darknes of space and everything in between.

And to our humble consolation he says he cares more for us than anything else he’s made.

We dodged a bullet, one that was dodged simply because God never destined it for anything but that.

Take comfort  in God’s sovereignty over creation.


  1. joshua1863 says:

    I agree. I am comforted by God’s sovereignty over creation and I stand in awe of the truth that before He made the world, this Almighty Creator chose me to be His adopted son and welcomed me into His majestic family. I praise Him for His loving-kindness, His mercy and His grace.

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