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What is the Mission of Veritas City Church? [PART 1]

As we begin a new resource website for both our covenant members at Veritas City, for those in our city, and for those who follow our work around the globe, we thought it would be best to begin with a series of posts on the Mission of Veritas City Church.

This is part 1, of many.

Veritas City Church exists to make disciples who live on mission together.

That is our mission statement, and yes, it is broad. Intentionally so, but it is still broad. So, let’s break it down for just a minute.

For all local churches, the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) are our guiding lights. They speak to what we do as local churches both at a high level to the nations, as well as locally to our neighbors. Veritas City Church falls directly into this Great Commission and Great Commandment lane.

Therefore, as we developed the strategies and processes for mission at Veritas City Church, our hope was to have a mission statement that drives everything we do into those “Great” lanes.

Let’s break it down together.

What does it mean to Make Disciples?

Everyone can define the term ‘disciple’ differently. For us at Veritas, we’ve narrowed in on 4-ways the term “disciples” plays out in our context.

  • You are committed to following Christ [SALVATION]
  • You are committed to the body of Christ [LOCAL CHURCH MEMBERSHIP]
  • You are committed to the local mission of Christ [THE GREAT COMMANDMENT]
  • You are committed to the global mission of Christ [THE GREAT COMMISSION]

What does it mean to Live on Mission Together?

Living on mission can be such a buzz word around the evangelical world. And it can be very subjective if we’re not careful. At Veritas City Church, we have narrowed in on what it means to LIVE ON MISSION TOGETHER.

We live on mission in three primary ways together — Gatherings, Groups, and Generosity. Here’s how this is broken down in our context.


  • Sundays (weekly)
  • Seminars (monthly)
  • Weekenders (quarterly)
  • Celebrations (bi-annually)


  • City Groups
  • Serve Teams
  • Recovery Groups


  • Towards one another
  • Towards our neighbors
  • Towards the city
  • Towards the nations

As we move forward in this series, What is the Mission of Veritas City Church, we will look at the “three G’s” above in greater detail.