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10 Reasons Christians Should Move Directly Into the City

1. Everything is pointing towards The City. The story of the bible is a story from a Garden to a City.

2. Christians bring shalom into the city. We are called to seek the peace of the city by planting ourselves in the city (Jeremiah 31).

3. Christians bring joy into the city. As joy is anchored in you because of the work of Christ, more joy goes into the city as Christians go into the city (Acts 8).

4. God has not called you to be comfortable. Read all of Romans 8. He has called you, justified you, named you a co-heir, and has given you the ability to call God “Father.”

5. The city is the center of influence. What happens in the city impacts the rest of the world.

6. The apostles went to the cities. Only as they left the cities, did they enter the villages on their way to another city.

7. The nations are gathering in cities. Look around your neighborhood. Are the nations gathering there? Does you neighborhood look just like you?

8. Diversity is represented in cities. Not only do ethnic and racial diversity make up our cities, but so does economic divide. Christians should be right in the middle of those spaces and tensions.

9. The least of these are in cities. When it comes to justice and mercy ministry, Christians can be bring the hope of the gospel into those intense spaces in our cities.

10. The city calls you to risk, sacrifice, and generosity. As there are needs all around you, you sacrifice the comforts of space, but gain the rewards that come from a life of risk.