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The Date Different Weekender

Friends, I am excited to introduce a new 2-day event that you can bring to your church called The Date Different Weekend.

Based off my book, Date Different: A Short (but real) Conversation on Dating, Sex, and Marriage for Teenagers (and their parents)The Weekender is for parents of teenagers (and teenagers) to walk together into further honest, equipping, and encouraging content on dating, sex, and marriage for emerging adults and those who parent them.

We believe that Jesus changes everything, and when we lean into that truth, we lean into a redeemed pursuit of dating, sex, and marriage.

Why the Date Different Weekender?

Two main reasons. First, in my tenure in student ministry, there wasn’t a greater issue that brought more broken teenagers and more confused parents to my office for counseling than this issue.

Second, I have taught this content to students and parents dozens of times at this point, and every single time, I have parents tell me, “I wish the church would talk more about this stuff, because if I would have learned this years ago…”

The Date Different Weekender is designed to get parents and their teenagers to continue (and sometimes begin) the conversation on this issue, and hopefully begin to view dating, sex, and marriage in a different, new, and redeemed light.

What is the Content?

SESSION ONE | Dating: Accept, Reject, or Redeem?
When it comes to dating, parents should begin talking about this with their children at an early age. What does it mean to see this time as season to prepare for marriage instead of a season to practice dating? What does it mean to pursue the marks of mature manhood and mature womanhood?

SESSION TWO | Sex: God, Gross, or Gift?
In the church, we rarely talk about sex. Because it’s an awkward subject, we would rather not even discuss it. How should we talk about sex in the church and with our teenagers? How can we understand sex as a great gift from God?

SESSION THREE | Marriage: Delay, Neglect, or Pursue?
The average age of first marriage today is getting closer and closer to 30-years-old. Millennials and emerging adults are delaying marriage (or even neglecting it all together) until later in life. How should we view marriage as a mark of maturity? Should we delay marriage until later in life? Or should we pursue marriage, and if so, how should we do so at an age earlier than culture’s average age of first marriage?

Proposed Schedule for The Date Different Weekender:

FRIDAY NIGHT (6:30-8:30 pm):

  • Worship
  • SESSION ONE | Dating: Accept, Reject, or Redeem?
  • Parent Q&A
  • Student Small Groups

SATURDAY MORNING (8:30 am to 12:00 pm):

  • Worship
  • SESSION TWO | Sex: God, Gross, or Gift?
  • Break
  • Worship
  • SESSION THREE | Marriage: Delay, Neglect, or Pursue?
  • Family Prayer Time
  • Worship
  • Dismissal

Bring the Date Different Weekender to Your Church by Filling out the Form Below:

Please allow 2-3 business days for a response.